Monday, April 19, 2010

Character Description

She flopped down on the creaking swivel chair, switched on the light, balanced the coffee mug on the crowded desk next to the half-eaten doughnut, turned on the computer, and picked up a dog-eared sheet of paper.

“Ok, Max,” she said to the shaggy calico cat who sat watching her, “Let’s do this Character Profile Sheet.”

Max looked at her with his clear, green eyes, but did not respond.

“Character’s Name,” she continued. “What shall we call this character, Max?”

Max yawned and started to lick his left paw.

“How about calling him Max?” she said, carelessly pushing back her limp, dark hair.

“Sex,” she frowned, “I wish. Perhaps we’d better make it a she. Maxine.”

Max looked offended, but continued his grooming routine.

“Age 35 and single,” she decided, “oh well, why not make it 27.”

“Physical appearance,” she murmured, and glanced at her plump reflection in the window. Absently twisting a button in her faded flannel shirt, she reached for the mug and gulped down half its contents. Max and the room faded into the background as her fingers flew over the keyboard

“Maxine crossed her long, slim legs, reclined gracefully against the plush pillows, and smiled at her handsome companion. Her glossy, strawberry blond hair just touched the shoulders of her teal cashmere sweater. She absently stroked the silky fur of her Siamese cat and reached for the dainty demitasse at her elbow to take a slow sip. Her clear, green eyes, fringed with long, dark lashes … “

Written by Birgitta

Thoughts behind this piece:

In class Jann mentioned writing fiction … I wondered what I could possibly write

The doughnut comes from the low carb conversation in class

I’m trying to figure out how to write humor

I couldn’t remember what color is in fashion right now so I wrote “teal”

I was trying to get some clich├ęs in, but wasn’t very successful

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