Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bobby's Christmas

In my family you learned to live with teasing. It was a fact of life with Dad and my brothers; but as I was the youngest by several years, it seemed to take me longer to learn this. I remember one Christmas especially when I was about four years old.

I had always wanted a little brother, but since that didn't happen, I decided to change one of my dolls into a boy doll. I changed her name from Barbardine to Bobby, and pinned her dress to look like pants. My aunt had given me long baby stockings and baby shoes, but I longed for regular boy-doll clothes for Bobby. One day I saw my Mother sewing as usual, but the clothes were small. I asked her they were for and she said they were for a little poor boy. I thought no more about this as she was always making clothes for someone.

Christmas Eve we all hung our stockings. Dad asked if I was going to hang Bobby's stocking. I told him Bobby was a doll, and Santa wouldn't bring anything for a doll. They all persisted, so I hung his stocking alongside mine. Christmas morning I rushed in to see what my stocking held, and behold, Bobby's stocking was filled! I took it down and looked in but all I saw were what looked like rags. My family were all smiling, so I thought I had been had again. I was hurt and mad, so I picked up the stocking and started to throw it into the wood stove; but before I could my brother grabbed the stocking. Mom sat me down and insisted I look inside. There they were! A blue shirt and overalls, and a pair of pajamas, all for Bobby!

I don't remember what I received that Christmas, but I sure remember what Santa brought for Bobby!

Written by Carrie
(This was part of the Life and Times of Carrie McClain that I wrote for my kids)

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  1. Great story! I especially like the closing sentence, but you know how I like those concluding sentences. I've been preaching show, don't tell lately. Think about if there is a way you can show that your family teased without saying it. Let the reader discover that fact.

    If you want to expand the story a little, think about describing what Christmas looked like. You could also add detail about your brother...what's his name?

    I enjoyed the story...whatever happened to Bobby?