Sunday, April 11, 2010

2003 03 Finn Hide and Seek

(March 2003)
Frank and Finn are sitting by the playhouse at the landing halfway up the stairs to the attic, busy parking their fire engine and backhoe.

“Grandpa, let’s play hide-and-seek,” Finn says.

“Ok,” Frank answers.

“You hide here,” Finn says and pushes Frank into the low playhouse, “And I’ll find you.”

Finn runs down to the kitchen. “Have you seen Grandpa anywhere?” Finn asks Barbara, who is peeling potatoes at the kitchen sink.

“No,” Barbara says. “Did Grandpa go away?”

“I wonder where he is,” Finn says. He hunches his shoulders and spreads his arms, palms toward the ceiling.

“Is he in the bathroom?” Finn asks as he looks into the bathroom.

“Nooo. He’s not here. Where could he be?”

Finn searches in the closet, in the living room, up in the attic and keeps a running commentary.

“Is he in the attic?”

“Nooo. He’s not in the attic. Where could he be?”

Finally Finn comes to the playhouse and opens the door.

“There he is,” he yells as a cramped Frank crawls out.

Written by Brigitta

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  1. I loved the description of Finn hunching his shoulders and spreading his arms, palms toward the ceiling...I can picture that pose. You do a nice job with the dialog. I can hear a high pitched child's voice when Finn "talks."

    Does he come to the playhouse or does he arrive at the playhouse? I don't know why "come" doesn't sound right to me.

    I enjoyed this story of your grandchild...motivated me to buy my ticket to visit my girls next week.