Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Writer's Group...Join us

Are you a writer in the Hermiston, Oregon area?  Join our writer's group.  We just finished up a "class" at BMCC Hermiston and decided to continue to meet to share and discuss writing.  We're hoping to meet twice a month in the late afternoon.  If you are interested in joining our group, leave a message below in the comments and we'll let you know when and where we will be meeting.


  1. Jann, I'm sorry I didn't respond to the comment you left for me...I'm not used to anyone following me!

    Yes! I'd like to be part of a writing group. My work schedule is crazy, (rotating night/day shifts, "dupont schedule"), but I'd like to try to participate.

    Contact me at:


    Milt Reynolds

  2. I just tonight saw your comment on my blog and would like to join in if my schedule permits. I am currently working on surviving cancer and have not thought of much else lately. Thanks, K

  3. Great and interesting post. I like it.
    I also invite you to my blog. ;)
    Yours. Have a nice day.
    You can also find me on the fanpage and keep track of my work: ;]