Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

I have had three children, two girls and a boy but they haven’t all met. My daughter Michelle and I found each other in 1993 and have kept in touch since. She lives in the mountains with her doctor husband and five children. My other daughter lives in New York City, Manhattan and calls me nearly everyday so even though she is the furthest away and I haven’t had the money to go see her or her come here for twelve years we are the closest. My son and daughter-in-law live next door with my grandson and we don’t talk a lot because he’s so busy with his own work and family. So it’s very strange that my daughters are so far away and I miss them so much. My son and Michelle have met but my daughter in New York hasn’t been home since she left in 1988, mostly because of a lack of money to travel. So my greatest wish is to have all three of my children meet and be in the same room before I am dying or something. I want some good time with them to enjoy them.
This Mother’s day I spent out in my back yard planting flowers. I bought my mother’s favorite geraniums and planted them by the seagulls statues she loved. I moved up here from Medford when my Mom thought she had cancer. She didn’t but I got to have about twelve good years with her before she died. We were very close and did all kinds of things together, like antique shopping and just long talks out on the patio next door. One time we went to Weston to see my grandmother and took the back roads and got lost out in the wheat fields and laughed and had a good time. I want that kind of precious time with my daughters before I’m gone so they have good loving memories like I do to cherish too.
After my daughters called my son came and told me to come over for barbeque chicken. He and my grandson had gone to the nursery and bought a whole truckload of plants for his wife. Just a tidbit of jealousy that she gets so much but then she has to live with him too. We’re ok it’s just that he’s a typical male that has to be in charge so we but heads sometimes. We do love each other though. It would really be interesting to see all my kids that are so different and live such different lifestyles in one room. Maybe for a Mother’s Day Barbeque someday in the near future like my family used to do when I was growing up before all of us got busy with our own lives and families the five of us brothers and sisters had awesome time with my mother and Mother’s Day was special.

This Mother’s day was both sad and special. It’s wonderful that my birth daughter thinks of me and calls and we get to talk. We found we have many things in common but she’s made a lot better choices with her life and finished college which is why I let her go in the first place. Neither of my other children went to college even thought they are smart and work hard and are good people. They just didn’t have the advantages that Michelle did with having good parents with the money to raise her well. It makes a difference when children are raised with and have the benefits of enough money. I can tell you this from my own experience and can see the results. I’m living it everyday seeing the children I raised not even get together because of a lack of money. Maybe it’s just that they are so different and it’s deeper than just the money issue. I don’t know for sure. It would be interesting to find out someday soon. I’d love to see all of my children in one room together to meet each other. My son would probably say “ too much drama Ma”. I would probably cry like mother’s do sometimes but that would be a happy cry.

written by ccwriter

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